Is your publication serving its purpose?
The newsletter is the lifeline to your membership and it should be helping you fill more meeting seats, fill more exhibit booths, sell more services and grow and retain your membership.

Too many empty seats?
Having problems getting reasonably priced, professional looking, results-driven meeting registration materials and exhibitor solicitations into your prospects' hands on time?

Direct mail is still the heart of the process.
At DMG Communications we're committed to the notion that membership development requires attention 365 days of the year.

Our Commitment to Integrated Marketing
In this ever-evolving digital age, we have a number of effective communication tools at our disposal. At DMG Communications, we're committed to an integrated marketing strategy. While traditional paper printing still plays a role in association communications efforts, electronic messages, social networks and websites are vital to effective and efficient marketing programs.

Whether you need a membership development campaign, a series of publications or to market your meetings and expositions, DMG Communications will develop a multi-media program that will fit your goals and your budgets.

Did we mention that we're also experts at designing websites? Let's talk more about it!